Goblin Clash of Clans: Your Secret Weapons

Goblin Clash of Clans refers to the use of Goblin troops in the mobile strategy game Clash of Clans. Goblins are a type of troops that got unlocked at Barracks level 4.
They are a group of little troublemakers that can be used to build and defend your village.
Goblins are known for their speed, they are cheap to train and are relatively weak.
Goblins are used to attack resource buildings, they can also be used to distract defenses and to clean up after an attack.
We’re going to explore in this article, what Goblins are all about and how you can use them to your advantage.

Clash of Clans is a game where you can build your village, train your troops, and fight battles. Troops are the characters you send to attack other players’ villages or defend your own. Goblins are one of these troop types, and they have a special role to play.

There are two types of goblin troops in Clash of Clans:

Goblins are small green creatures with sharp teeth. They’re known for being fast and sneaky. You can create them in your barracks and send them into battle.

  • Goblins: Regular goblins are the most basic type of goblin troop. They are unlocked at Barracks level 4 and can be trained for a very low cost of elixir.
  • Sneaky Goblins: Sneaky Goblins are a Dark Elixir troop that can be unlocked at Dark Barracks level 7. Sneaky Goblins are invisible while moving and can only be targeted by defensive buildings that have been triggered.

What Makes Goblin Special?

Goblins are pretty unique. They are super speedy, which means they can quickly snatch resources like gold and elixir from enemy villages. They’re also great at taking down resource buildings. But, they’re not as tough in a fight against other troops or defenses.

Goblin Clash of Clans

Goblin Upgrades

You can upgrade your Goblins to make them better and more efficient in battles. Upgrading Goblins is essential if you want to succeed in Clash of Clans.

How to Use Goblins Effectively in Attacks

Goblins can be used in a variety of attacks, but they are most commonly used in farming attacks and Town Hall sniping attacks.

Farming Attacks

To use goblins in a farming attack, you will need to choose a builder base that has a lot of resources. Then deploy your goblins in a spread-out formation so that they can quickly attack the resource buildings. You can use spells such as Jump Spell and Rage Spell to help your goblins reach the resource buildings and deal more damage.

Town Hall sniping attacks

To use goblins in a Town Hall sniping attack, you will need to find a base with a vulnerable Town Hall. After finding a base, deploy your goblins in a tight formation so that they can focus their fire on the Town Hall. You can use Rage Spell and Freeze Spell to help your goblins deal more damage to the Town Hall.

Using Goblins in Clan Wars

Goblins can also be used in Clan Wars attacks with caution. Goblins are vulnerable to splash damage, they are not effective against bases with a lot of splash damage defenses such as Mortars and Wizard Towers. But they can be used effectively in Clan Wars attacks against bases that do not have splash damage defenses.

If you are playing it on your computer then use the best gaming monitors and mouse for the best experience.

Tips for Using Goblins Effectively in Clash of Clans

Here are a few tips for using goblins effectively in Clash of Clans:

  • Use spells and other troops to support your goblins. Goblins are vulnerable to splash damage, so it is important to use spells and other troops to protect them and to help them deal more damage.
  • Use goblins in conjunction with other types of troops. Goblins are not very effective when they are alone, so it is important to use them along with other types of troops, such as Giants and Barbarians.
  • Be careful when using goblins against bases with a lot of splash damage defenses. Goblins are very vulnerable to splash damage, so they should be used with caution against bases with a lot of splash damage defenses.

Goblins in Raiding and Get the Loot

Goblins are excellent for raiding other villages to steal their resources. They’re quick at getting the loot and escaping. So, if you need gold and elixir, Goblins are your go-to troops.

Goblins in Single-Player Campaigns

Goblins are also essential for the single-player campaign. You’ll need them to complete missions and earn rewards. They have their unique role in these missions.

Goblins Max Levels

Goblin has a total of 9 levels, and they have a certain max level in each Town Hall.

Goblin Max LevelLevel
Town Hall 21
Town Hall 32
Town Hall 53
Town Hall 74
Town Hall 85
Town Hall 96
Town Hall 107
Town Hall 128
Town Hall 159
Goblin Clash of Clans

Goblin Upgrade cost

LevelTown HallUpgrade TimeCost
235 Hrs45,000
349 Hrs175,000
4712 Hrs500,000
581 day1,200,000
691day, 12 Hrs2,000,000
7103 days, 12 Hrs3,000,000
8127 days5,600,000
91517 days15,000,000


In Conclusion, Goblins stand as a versatile and formidable asset within the strategic arsenal of Clash of Clans, fitting seamlessly into a multitude of offensive scenarios.

Their enigmatic and crafty nature sets them apart in the Clash of Clans universe. Proficient at swiftly seizing precious resources, Goblins may not excel in head-to-head combat, but their value shines through shrewd deployment and judicious upgrades.


Are Goblins good in Clash of Clans?

Goblins serve a unique purpose in Clash of Clans. They excel at resource raiding, swiftly collecting gold and elixir, but aren’t strong in direct combat.
Their effectiveness depends on your strategy and what you aim to achieve. If you prioritize resource gathering and quick hits, Goblins can be a valuable asset.

What is the use of Goblins in Clash of Clans?

Goblins are resource specialists. They’re adept at raiding enemy villages for gold and elixir. Their speed and focus make them ideal for quick loot-grabbing missions, making them valuable in resource management and base upgrading.

How do you get the goblin builder?

In Clash of Clans, you don’t directly “get” a goblin builder. The Goblin Builder is a character in the game’s Builder Base, and it’s not something you acquire separately.
The Goblin Builder functions like other builders, working on various tasks and upgrades within the Builder Base, helping you progress in that part of the game.

How to get league medals in Clash of Clans?

League Medals can be obtained by participating in Clan War Leagues, which typically occur once a month. By being an active member of a clan during the Clan War Leagues and earning stars in clan wars, you accumulate league medals. These can be spent in the in-game shop to buy magical items and decorations.

How to change the Clash of Clans name?

You’re allowed to change your name only once. To do this, go to your in-game settings, and find the option for changing your name. It’s important to use this change wisely because it’s a one-time opportunity. Once you’ve changed your name, you won’t be able to do so again.

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