In World of Warcraft, DoT stands for "Damage over Time, These DoTs are commonly referred to as "periodic damage" within the game.

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DoTs can be valuable assets in player-versus-player (PvP) encounters, that allow players to inflict damage on their adversaries,

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World of Warcraft features various types of DoTs, each with its unique characteristics.

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Some originate from injuries causing bleeding wounds, while others result from poisons, burns, or curses.

Poison DoTs Burn DoTs Curse DoTs Shadow DoTs Nature DoTs Arcane DoTs Frost DoTs

There are several different types of DoTs

"The Art of Prolonged Damage" refers to the strategic use of Damage over Time (DoT) effects in games like World of Warcraft.

DoTs gradually wear down an opponent's health over a set duration, demanding players to carefully manage their application.

This art involves timing, stacking, and optimizing DoTs for maximum's essential for sustaining a steady damage output,

Affliction Warlock Shadow Priest Balance Druid Fire Mage Unholy Death Knight

There are many powerful DoTs in World of Warcraft

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